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       south of the Yangtze River seems to be a synonym for sorrow. In the words, we have been with Yanyu in the south of the Yangtze River for thousands of years. In the face of the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, we have been with the characters for thousands of years. In the smoke and rain, we have met the beautiful lady with the sadness and beauty, the talented person with the grief and resentment, and the talented person with the clear sorrow. Literati poet. Memories of past historical records, or sentimental, or sentimental.

      If you play the piano in the smoke and rain of late spring and smile on your cheeks, you will be surprised at the beginning of the lotus season. At this time, the melody of music will be as moving as mountains and rivers. If you Fu a tune in the late autumn smoke and rain, and then look at the cold pool remnants of lotus, the melody of the music will be melancholy and graceful, can not help but make your heart pity, then the sky will have a poetry meteor fall, and make the situation more melancholy.

      Some of the once-written fragments seem to be soaked in emotional jade, hooked and skimmed, vertical and horizontal, showing the touching plot of life. When a certain life space flows into dark clouds, the words and language of the time are always glistening with tears. The sad feeling of historical deduction is flowing with tears, which are stained with the story of eternal beauty.

      In the smoke and rain contemplation, Li Qingzhao’s “thin people than yellow flowers”, and in the new “looking for” people in the imagination. It reflects the indulgence of spring, the heat of summer, the melancholy of autumn and the meditation of winter, the sadness of flowers under the moon and the sadness of flowers, and a new word of sadness and beauty in the simple frontier. Sometimes alone in a misty rain dream, a solitary boat wandering in the vast sea of ink. It may be just one of the tens of millions of forms in life. In thousands of years of smoke and rain, the ancients and modern people are not lack of the frontier of the text to express love incisively and vividly, poetry is still lingering, still tired, constantly sighing, sighing in the autumn wind drifting leaves, the late autumn smoke and rain day rendered a group of bleak scenery. Few people are in the mood of autumn wind and autumn rain.

      When it comes to smoke and rain, it seems more refers to plum rain, spring rain, that blurred south of the Yangtze River rain, always permeated with beautiful rhythm, always let the sentimental poets intoxicated in the bright plum rain season.

      In the spring rain in the south of the Yangtze River, the flower umbrella in the eyes of a poet is a line of elegant poetry, very spiritual in the rain and smoke, in such a situation, the poet is intoxicated in chanting. Under that umbrella, there are countless pairs of wonderful lovers, in the smoke and rain brewing the sweet longing, flying fantasy.

      The notes dripping from the branches in the misty rain played the endless bloom of willows and green trees. Who can show the depth and beauty of true love in the simple sounds of nature? In the misty rain, a “dream” in the Peony Pavilion is whispering in the language of raving.

      The sound of the rain in the rain is like tears, and the notes can make every drop of rain soak in the unknown affection. In the misty rain, Li Qingzhao’s “phoenix tree is more drizzle”, which can make every cell full of poetic melancholy. In the misty rain, reading Jiang Jie’s “drip to dawn” can explain the plaintive grief of the country’s ruin.

      The words in the smoke and rain sigh in the vast universe, lament the endless wishes in the world, lament the incompleteness and beauty of the world, lament the birth of countless new lives. Holding a southern flower umbrella in the smoke and rain can support the poet’s poetic sentiment, holding a handful of southern spring rain inkstone ink, can create a splendid picture storage rack .

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